Safety tips for sellers

Following these simple steps will help keep you protected during every stage of the process.

Step 1: Creating your ad

  • Choose a secure and unique password for your account. Click here for password creation tips
  • Consider using our Privacy Protect service – we’ll assign you with a virtual phone number to your personal details stay concealed. This virtual number can also be used in place of your mobile number across other websites.

Step 2: Managing enquiries from buyers

  • Do not provide any buyer with your personal identification details like a copy of your licence, registration details or banking information
  • Read about how you can tell of suspicious SMS and Email enquiries from buyers
  • Be wary of buyers who offer you much more than the asking price or who ask you to pay for service such as shipping, agent fees or customs charges
  • Remember, trucksales will never ask you for your account information or login details by email or SMS. 

Step 3: Arranging inspections

  • Arrange to meet at a neutral location like a police station car park and try to take someone with you
  • Make sure you take key information like registration details, vehicle log books and roadworthy certificates
  • Before anyone takes your truck for a test drive, ask to see their licence. Bring a pen and paper so you can make a record and use your judgement about whether you should tag along for the ride.

Step 5: Accepting offers

  • Know how much you’re willing to accept and prepare to negotiate to a minimum price
  • Ensure your vehicle transfer paperwork is in order to ensure a smooth sale.

Step 6: Receiving payment

  • Do not rely on “proof of payment” from the buyer. Check with your bank, PayPal or other provider that the money has been cleared and make sure you can see the funds in your account before your truck changes hands
  • Give the buyer a receipt to confirm you’ve received their payment
  • Check our security updates regularly for important information.

Check out the video below on our top 10 online safety tips! 


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