I’ve sold my truck. What do I need to do next?

Congratulations! You’ve sold your truck but what next? This handy checklist will help you prepare before your truck changes hands.

  • Make sure your transfer paperwork is in order: 'Vehicle Transfer, Change of Ownership or Notice of Disposal’ forms need to be completed (signed by both the buyer and seller) when a truck is sold. We also recommend you call your state authority and notify them that the truck has been sold. In some states, the responsibility lies with the seller to prepare and submit the transfer papers, while in others, it’s up to the buyer.  Either way, it’s very important that you (the seller) keep a copy of the form as a record of transfer and date of sale. 

  • Prepare a receipt of sale: While this document is not legally binding, it’s a good way of keeping a record of the sale and all relevant details.

  • Notify your insurance and roadside assistance companies: Many sellers will buy a new truck during the selling process. Remember to call your insurance and roadside assistance companies and notify them of any changes to ensure you stay protected on the road.

  • Transfer your tollway tag or pass: Before getting into your new truck, make sure your tollway account has been transferred across.

Visit your state authority’s website for more information below. 

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